gatzaag-sfeerbeeldMaxxFast introduces holesaws which stand for quality and speed. As many other well-known brands, also MaxxFast holesaws have variable teething that cut faster through the material and give a better end-result. These materials are: stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium, copper, wood, drywall and plastics. The teething is made of alloyed high speed steel, is heat resistant and has a long lifetime. To reach optimal size precision the teething is welded to the body using laser.
MaxxFast pushes the limits… what does a MaxxFast holesaw have compared to other well-known brands? The teething of the holesaw is cut in a special way to really cut through the material instead of dispersing the material. This gives a much better end result. Additionally the holesaw cuts through the material faster.

MaxxFast uses an extra thick base which provides a better stability while cutting through the material. Therefore additional accessories for stabilizing are not needed! The holesaws are available from diameter 14mm up to 210mm. The required accessories such as arbors, center drills and such are available too.

MaxxFast Holesaws

gatzaagNext to holesaws and accessories the assortment is completed by a number of sets packed in firm plastic cases. Every set consists of the most popular sizes supplemented by two arbors and an adaptor. A complete set, so you will have the sizes and accessories available at all times.

Holesaw sets and accessoires

To ensure yourself that you are working with the correct speed, please check the RPM table.