MaxxFast introduces screw bits which guarantee a quality product and the right fit.

Maxxfast screw bits are produced from high quality alloys. The steel screw bits are made out of S2MoV. The Stainless Steel screw bits are made out of 440C.

By using these types of steel for MaxxFast screw bits we can truly guarantee the quality we want to offer you!

The right fit…

MaxxFast-BitsetThe screw bits are produced according the latest ISO standards; for Pozidriv, Phillips and slotted: ISO8764 en 1173 and for TORX® and TTAP® according to the latest standard.
In doing so, MaxxFast can guarantee the right fit in combination with the right screw. So the cam out effect is reduced to the minimum as well as the potential damage to the head of the screw.
For you this means an efficient way of working, very low risk of damaging the work piece/material.

The screw bits are available in:
Slotted-Phillips-Pozidriv-Hexagon- TORX® - TTAP®
Stainless Steel:
Pozidriv-TORX® - TTAP®

MaxxFast-Bit  maxxfast-bitholder

Of course this range is completed with screw bit holders and screw bit sets.