ttap-logo 100x43ttap® is an innovative new hex-lob drive system with distinct advantages over the generic hex-lob (Torx®). ttap® is a drive system designed to work excellently with all types of assembling, including demanding professional applications. The stick-fit no wobbling feature enables one handed operations without magnetic holder. ttap® makes screw assembling easier and at lower costs.


• Stick-fit; screwdriver “sticks-fit” in the recess
• No wobbling; screwdriver does not wobble out of the recess, does not cam out
• No need to push; no end-load on screwdriver needed
• One-handed operation is possible
• No magnetic bit holder needed and thus there are no steel splinters to clog the bit
• Screwdriver enters the screw recess more easily

Cost effective:

• Reduce drive tool usage
• Improved productivity
• Reduced risk to damage rust protection plating
• Better profits and job moral

Hex-Lob (Torx®) compatible:

• ttap® is 100 % a hexalobular recess, backward convertible - but without the disadvantages
• You can use torx® bits on ttap® screw, hence strategically easy to change to ttap®

Torque drive efficient - Enables new design

• Because ttap® facilitates applying powerful torque, you can replace hex-head drive with ttap®

Benefits your health

• No need to push - no end-load on screwdriver needed
• If you compare with Phillips/Pozidrive recess, a major advantage is that you don`t need to apply as much pressure to drive the screw, hence - ttap® reduces worker fatique