Revolutionary fasteners

Revolutionary fasteners

MaxxFast introduces the newest generation of screws for all kinds of wood applications. These screws have the latest revolutionary properties which makes them applicable for all purposes in soft and hard wood, MDF, Plywood, Laminated wood and even in all kinds of hard exotic or tropical wood… However pre-drilling is recommended for hardwood applications.

The sharp point in combination with the Mooncut enables that the screw starts quickly and eliminate the splitting of the wood.

The longer sizes of screws (longer then 40mm) have milling ribs in the shafts, combined with the wax coating gives a reduction of the torque up to 40% and have a positive effect in energy saving of the battery machine. The self-countersinking head designed in two stages in combination with the cutting ribs gives a perfect and smooth finishing when the screws enters the surface of the wood.
An innovative ttap® drive makes this screw together with the other features unique. This new drive makes that the bit or the screwdriver sticks fit in the recess , the wobbling effect is history and there is no need to push anymore. Even the use of a magnetic bit holder is not necessary and the recess is 100% Torx® compatible and can be unscrewed with standard Torx® tools.