Self Drilling Screws

Self Drilling Screws


High Performance

The self-drilling MaxxFast program consists of high quality self-drilling fastening products.

Thanks to the use of MaxxFast Self drilling screws, it is possible to create a reliable connection in one single operation.

With a single step, the correct core hole is drilled, the thread is formed and the structural parts reliably connected. No hole drilling or punching needed, no more thread tapping.


High quality fastening products!

The integrated drill tip provides a significant reduction of the general cost of a joint.

It also greatly prevents making mistakes regarding positioning of the work-pieces.

The design of the connection, allows to choose a simpler joint-construction.

During the connection process, the time-consuming preparation and handling of the workpiece, as well as the exchange of tools, is eliminated. Specifically when working on large workpieces this time consuming positioning can be avoided. Each screw uses its own “new” drill-point and prevents wasting time in comparison with using separate drills. Use of the correct drill diameter in relation to the size of the screw is guaranteed, eliminating this particular room for errors. Using self-drilling screws prevents failures of a screw connection and in general reduces the cost of extra inspections.


Saving time and equipment!

Faster and easier assembly and no time-consuming alignment and positioning of the components. Assembly case studies have shown that in some cases product-assembly time will be reduced by maybe more than 50%.

No additional costs regarding investment for dedicated installation equipment.


The MaxxFast Self drilling screws are available in 3 different materials:



Stainless Steel

Bi-Metal with Ruspert 500 coating


The MaxxFast self drilling screws are produced in the in most common recess types like Phillips, Square, Hexagon, thus equipped for mechanized mass-assembly with electrical setting tools.

In addition to these standard drives, the MaxxFast self drilling screws are also available with the innovative TTAP® drive.