Hose clamps

hoseband 400

  • Smooth band underside and beveled edges preventing damage to the hose.Strong housing with mechanical interlocking.
  • The housing design ensures a tight contact between the screw and the band.
  • The overall design ensures excellent clamping force distribution around the band, hence preventing highpressure leakage.
  • ROHS compliant (2006)
  • DIN 3017

MaxxFast zinc plated hose clamps





MaxxFast 9mm ZPL hose clamps







 MaxxFast 12mm ZPL hose clamps

MaxxFast hose clamps tool


30668 300px 
MaxxFast hose clamps rack

30667 100px 
MaxxFast mini clips

 30666 100px 
MaxxFast rubber lined clips


MaxxFast stainless steel hose clamps

MaxxFast 12mm STNL STL hose clamps