Cable ties

Cable ties

MaxxFast introduces a complete new range of high quality cable ties and accessories.
This range consists of standard nylon cables ties (white & black), colored nylon cables ties (blue, yellow, green, grey, red, orange), releasable nylon cables ties ( white & black), cables ties mounts, and heavy duty stainless steel A2 cable ties.

These high quality products will answer your needs for the most demanding applications.
Our standard PA 6.6 white & black cable ties are available in the most common dimensions and are resistant to oils and greases, salt and diluted acids.

The colored cable ties are available in 6 colors for color-coding circuits or color-matching cable jackets for improved aesthetics.
The releasable cable ties can be used over and over again, reducing wastes and costs for application when temporary light fixing is required.

The various PA 6.6 cables mounts are adapted to most situations and will allow strong and quick fixing for your cable ties bundles.

The heavy duty stainless steel A2 cable ties are designed for applications that need strength, long life, resistance to chemicals, vibration, radiation, weathering and extreme temperatures (-80°C/+500°C).

- Our very durable metal cable ties are made from high-quality A2 stainless steel
- designed to withstand corrosive chemicals, salt-water, radiation, and exposure to extreme temperatures (-85°C/+500°C)
- Ball-style locking mechanism enhances tensile strength while maintaining ease of insertion for quick and user-friendly installation
- Available in a wide assortment for use in maritime, mechanical, food processing and sterile environments