MaxxFast introduces a whole range of high quality anchoring products. This range consists of nylon plugs, hammerplugs and throughbolts. These high quality products will answer your needs for the most demanding applications.

THRUMAXX-pOur UniFast nylon plug features a small flange to prevent it from going through the support.
The MultiFast nylon plug can be used in almost every construction material.
The 4Fast 4-way expansion plug creates a very strong anchoring.
The HammerFast hammer plug is very easy to use and reduces your installation time.

The ThruFast throughbolts, available in zinc plated steel, and A2 stainless steel are excellent for regular anchoring applications. The ThruMaxx ETA7 approved throughbolts comply with the "European Organization for Technical Approval" and are available in zinc plated steel and A4 stainless steel. They offer both strength and reliability for the best possible results.



  • EAT7 & double embedment
  • Suitable for high-resistance C50/60 concrete.
  • Two different installation depths for measures M8, M10 & M12, higher flexibility for installations in thin concrete layers or thick slabs.
  • The A4 stainless steel (AISI 316) homologated anchor is suitable for outdoor installations and damp environments.

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